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Analysis of Window-Observation Recurrence Data

Summary: [This abstract is based on the authors' abstract.] In systems experiencing recurrent events, recurrence data are collected to analyze areas of interest. Analytical methods are available for recurrence data with left and/or right censoring, but recurrence data are sometimes recorded only in windows, resulting in gaps in which the process cannot be observed. In this study, both parametric and nonparametric statistical methods are extended to window-observation recurrence data. Unlike the parametric model, the nonparametric estimator is inconsistent if the risk set is not positive over the entire period of interest. Two alternative hybrid estimators are proposed for cases in which the risk set is zero for some period of time.

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  • Topics: Data Quality
  • Keywords: Forecasting, Nonhomogeneous poisson process, Nonparametric methods, Repairable systems
  • Author: Zuo, Jianying , Meeker, William Q. , ; Wu, Huaiqing
  • Journal: Technometrics