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Using Accelerated Life Tests Results to Predict Product Field Reliability

Summary: [This abstract is based on the authors' abstract.] The applicability of accelerated life tests (ALTs) to actual field performance is often called into question because whereas ALTs are carefully controlled, the field environment is highly variable. However, when both life test data and field data are available, it may be possible to find a model that relate the two and can be used to predict the failure time distribution for products operating in the same environment. A model and methods for such situations are described and illustrated by an example.

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  • Topics: Risk Management, Reliability, Data Quality
  • Keywords: Lognormal distribution, Censored data, Fatigue, Risk analysis, Maximum likelihood estimate (MLE), Failure mode analysis (FMA), Reliability, Product warranty
  • Author: Meeker, William Q.; Escobar, Luis A.; Hong, Yili
  • Journal: Technometrics