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Optimum Specimen Sizes and Sample Allocation for Estimating Weibull Shape Parameters

Summary: [This abstract is based on the authors' abstract.] Since the strength of brittle materials such as ceramics used in spacecraft varies over the region under stress, a Weibull model is generally used in testing. For economic reasons, it is necessary to reduce the number of test specimens by determining the optimum size and allocation of the specimens. To this end, data is examined on fracture strength and location based on both internal and surface cracks. Results show that using two different specimen sizes with an equal number of specimens for each reduces both the number and total volume of specimens specified in the standard test for flexural strength of ceramics.

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  • Topics: Reliability
  • Keywords: Stressing, Risk analysis, Sample estimates, Failure analysis, Weibull degradation model, Weibull distribution
  • Author: Suzuki, Kazuyuki; Nakamoto, Toshie; Matsuo, Yohtaro
  • Journal: Technometrics