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Summary: Noted statistics researchers add their opinions and interpretations to the article by authors Qiu, Zou, and Wang. Daniel Apley suggests further investigation of issues regarding excessive false alarms and the nature of assignable causes. Hugh Chipman, R. Jock MacKay, and Stefan Steiner outline a list of desirable attributes of profile monitoring methodology, and then apply the original authors’ method to each. F. Tsung discusses the proposed methodology in regard to profile monitoring cases with high-dimensional multiple covariates. William Woodall, Jeffrey Birch, and Pang Du call for further clarification of Phase I and Phase II profile curve estimation as proposed in the new method. In a rejoinder, the original authors provide thoughts about some of the main issues raised by the discussants.

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  • Topics: Statistical Process Control (SPC)
  • Keywords: Kernel density estimates, Data smoothing, Statistical process control (SPC), Nonparametric methods, Exponentially weighted moving average (EWMA), Modeling
  • Author: Apley, Daniel W.; Chipman, Hugh A.; MacKay, R. Jock; Steiner, Stefan H.; Tsung, F.; Woodall, William H.; Birch, Jeffrey B.; Du, Pang; Qiu, Peihua; Zou, Changliang; Wang, Zhaojun
  • Journal: Technometrics