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A Note on Dominating Fractional Factorial Two-Level Designs With Clear Two-Factor Interactions

Summary: [This abstract is based on the authors' abstract.] This note builds on results from Wu, Mee, and Tang's article (henceforth WMT) on admissible fractional factorial two-level designs, specifically concentrating on the “dominating designs” that were introduced but not further pursued in WMT. WMT’s work has been used for increasing the efficiency of the author's graph-based algorithm for creation of minimum aberration designs that keep a requirement set of two-factor interactions clear: That algorithm originally searched aberration-sorted complete catalogs of nonisomorphic resolution IV designs; according to WMT's proposal, it suffices to search the dominating designs. For implementing this reduction of search space, aberration-sorted catalogs of dominating resolution IV regular fractional factorial two-level designs with up to 128 runs were created; this was achieved with the help of a recent subgraph isomorphism algorithm by Solnon that proved to be particularly efficient for this search task. The online supplementary materials provide the code used for identifying the dominating designs and ASCII files with the design generators for all resolution IV and higher dominating designs in 64 and 128 runs.

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  • Topics: Design of Experiments
  • Keywords: Fractional factorial design, Fractional factorials, Aberration, Interactions
  • Author: Grömping, Ulrike;
  • Journal: Technometrics