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Comment 2: Simulation Used to Solve Tough Practical Problems

Summary: This article is a commentary on "Screening Strategies in the Presence of Interactions," by David C. Woods, Susan M. Lewis, Angela M. Dean, Daniel Draguljić, and Anna-Jane E. Vine (Technometrics, 56:1 (February 2014), 1-16). The commentator discusses in general the importance of simulation studies and how they can solve very difficult problems quickly. He also discusses the fact that screening experiments for interactions are of practical importance in industry, and suggests that the sequential approach is often not a feasible option in many research areas. Finally, he challenges the authors of the article being discussed to consider making a recommendation as to the "best" approach, at least as they see it.

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  • Topics: Process Management, Continuous Improvement
  • Keywords: Screening, Bayesian methods, Process improvement, Simulations, Shrinkage, D-optimality, Data analysis, Fractional factorial design
  • Author: Brenneman, William A.;
  • Journal: Technometrics