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Conducting a Gage R&R

Summary: One of the biggest issues in a manufacturing process is ensuring accurate measurement of product and process variation to estimate the capability to meet customer requirements and identify opportunity areas for improvement throughout the entire organization. One approach to measurement system analysis, gage repeatability and reproducibility (GR&R), is the evaluation of a gaging instrument's accuracy by determining whether the measurements taken with it are repeatable and reproducible. A hypothetical case study following Automotive Industry Action Group guidelines illustrates how instrument resolution and parts selection are both important in conducting a GR&R. Selecting parts that cover the entire range of tolerance gives a more accurate percentage of contribution from GR&R to the total variation. Skipping the verification step of checking resolution of instruments prior to conducting a GR&R and capability analysis could cause misdirected efforts by an organization, which could waste time and money trying to solve problems that do not even exist.

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  • Topics: Metrology
  • Keywords: Gage Repeatability and reproducibility studies (GR&R), Measurement system, Metrology, Automotive Industry Action Group (AIAG), Automotive, Manufacturing process, Case study
  • Author: Tavera Sainz, Jorge G.;
  • Journal: Six Sigma Forum Magazine