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Software Quality Costs

Summary: In January of 2013, ASQ Quality Press published Principles of Quality Costs: Financial Measures for Strategic Implementation of Quality Management, Fourth Edition, edited by Douglas C. Wood. The section on cost of software quality excerpted in this article contains contributions from a number of authors whose writings have appeared over the years in Software Quality Professional. This summary treatment provides an overview and context for applying the well-established cost-of-quality approach to software development management. By providing (often surprising) data on rework and other failure-related costs, the method supports more objective decision making on investments in quality assurance and process improvement.

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  • Topics: Cost of Quality
  • Keywords: Software quality, Quality management (QM), Process improvement, Software quality assurance (SQA), Cost of quality (COQ), Rework, Software, American Society for Quality (ASQ), Failure cost
  • Author: Daughtrey, Taz
  • Journal: Software Quality Professional Magazine