Team Excellence

ASQ’s Team Excellence

Code of Conduct

International Team Excellence Award (ITEA) Judges, Site Trainers, Site Coordinators, Showcase Organizers, and Committee Members agree to abide by ASQ’s code of ethics.

International Team Excellence Award (ITEA) Judges, Site Trainers, Site Coordinators, Showcase Organizers, and Committee Members shall also conduct themselves professionally, guided by truth, accuracy, fairness, respect, and responsibility in all their interactions.

Protect the Program’s Intellectual Property

ASQ is the program owner and copyright holder of the ITEA Criteria, ITEA judges’ training materials, and all documents and templates related to basic ITEA fundamentals. ASQ does not authorize anyone to use the ITEA Criteria or any intellectual property held by ASQ for any purposes beyond those required to meet and support the ASQ ITEA preliminary- and final-round judging process.This includes providing ANY paid or unpaid coaching or consulting services (now or in the future) around ASQ’s International Team Excellence Award Criteria, Award or Training Programs, or any other related ITEA material unless such services are provided through a formal written contract with ASQ’s Learning Institute®. Anyone found in violation of this policy will be barred from serving the ITEA program in any capacity.

Conflict of Interest Statement

International Team Excellence Award (ITEA) Judges, Site Trainers, Site Coordinators, Showcase Organizers, Committee Members, and ITEA Sponsors will avoid placing themselves in any situation where their personal or business interests conflict, or may appear to conflict. To address any potential conflict of interest, the following steps shall be followed by such individuals:

  • Precisely identify/define the actual, perceived, or potential conflict. Any relationship including that of employee*, or any other relationship that could potentially create, or be perceived as, a conflict of interest, shall be identified and disclosed.
  • If the conflict arises during the preliminary round, immediately notify the panel lead judge and site trainer; if the conflict arises during finals, immediately notify the ITEA Program Manager
  • All actual, perceived, or potential conflicts identified at the preliminary and final rounds shall be fully documented as soon as possible and such documentation shall be immediately e-mailed to the ITEA Program Manager.

*   For this purpose, “employee” includes employees, temporary workers, volunteers, paid and unpaid consultants of the organization sponsoring the team

Upon notification of a potential conflict of interest, ASQ staff shall determine whether a conflict of interest exists. If a conflict of interest is confirmed, ASQ staff will develop an appropriate response. This response may include disqualification from voting and discussion, removal from judging duties, or other remedial action.

Confidentiality Statement

Judges, Site Trainers, Committee Members and ITEA sponsors agree to keep confidential all International Team Excellence Award applicant information pertaining to team identities, team presentations (including case studies of previous applicants), scores, processes, finances, and all other information relating to ITEA applicants. This does not include information that is posted and made available to the public on the ASQ website. Names/identities and personal/business information about or from judges are confidential. Sharing or use of any judge’s information requires the advance written consent of the judge.

Contact ASQ if you need help with your member number and/or expiration date.